Articles in law magazines

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Articles and/or reviews in magazines and journals

  • "Alternative disputes resolutions"

    Kathimerini, 25-10-2003, pp. 19.

  • "Independent Authorities"

    interview in journal Elefterotipia, 7-3-2006, pp 56.

  • "The Renewable Sources need quick procedures"

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  • "Clean Energy Investments"

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  • "Grecia, oltra mirada"

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  • "Un Eje Energetico"

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  • "Consent for the energy market, rightnow"

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  • "Who is afraid of the 4500 RES MW?"

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  • "RES: We all care"

    article in the journal Apogevmatini, Special Edition, 28-6-2009, p. 35.

  • "The difficulty of taxing renewable"

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  • "The third liberalization package: The last chance"

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  • "The Turkey's energy crowding out from the West due to Erdogan - Benefits for Greece"

    Epikaira Magazine, vol. 336, pp 50, 15/04-21/04/2016

Energy Policy

  • "The acceptance of the local society and its contribution to the development of the Renewable Sources"

    article in magazine FORUM, v. March 2009, pp. 54.

  • "Blind in energy taxation"

    article in journal Kathimerini, 24-9-2011, pp.11, Financial Kathimerini

  • "The Energy Market to zero point"

    article in journal kathimerini, 16-6-2012 pp.11, Financial Kathimerini

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  • "An energy bras de fer in progress"

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  • "Seven points to restore the energy market"

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  • "What should we do for not staying in “pipelining” discussion"

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  • "European Energy Strategy; Towards a revision of the initial objectives?"


  • "COP-21 on climate change; Realism or utopia?"

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